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Alcoholism in the US today

There are a number of different statistics regarding alcoholism or alcohol dependency that people should be aware of.  Of primary importance is the fact that alcoholism is considered by many public health officials and medical professionals as an extremely serious and growing public health threat.  There are literally millions of alcohol addicted individuals walking the streets of the US today.  Even worse is the fact that there are millions of reported cases of serious illnesses and deaths that are clearly associated with alcoholism or alcohol dependency every year.

3 phases to the process

Generally speaking, alcohol treatment and recovery is classified into three distinct phases – stabilizing the individual, detoxification stage, and long-term recovery.  The medical complications and conditions that the individual is suffering with are addressed in the stabilization phase of the process.  Naturally, the medical professional attending to the client must determine if these complications and conditions are alcohol related in nature.

Once the client has been successfully stabilized, the detoxification stage begins.  During this stage, the accumulated toxins and alcohol residues are eliminated.  This is a stage that occurs in an in-patient alcohol treatment program and is characterized by strict medical supervision so that the client is carefully attended during this unpleasant stage.

Finally, the client will enroll in a short-term or long-term recovery program depending on how severe their addiction was.  For all practical purposes, recovery from alcoholism never ends if the person is hopeful of remaining clean and sober for the rest of their lives.  Recovery involves a lot of education and support in order to maintain their new, healthier lifestyle for the balance of their lives.

Different programs to choose from

There are a number of different programs that the addicted individual can enroll in, but they are usually categorized as either out-patient or in-patient addiction treatment and recovery programs.  Out-patient programs enable the client to come and go as they please so that their weekly schedules are not interrupted while they are undergoing the treatment and recovery process.  Conversely, in-patient alcohol treatment programs require either long-term or short-term residential care.  The length of stay is determined by the severity of the individual’s addiction.

Find the right program using our locator site

With the multitude of alcohol treatment programs available today, the addicted individual may have a difficult time selecting one that is going to enable them a successful recovery so they don’t have to fear relapsing again.  Our locator site can help you find an alcohol treatment and recovery program in your local area that has the highest success rate possible so that you can achieve your sobriety goals.  Please contact our locator site at the toll-free phone number above for further assistance and more information on the programs that we currently list.