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Alcohol Rehabilitation

Alcohol rehabilitation is necessary to help people heal from the pain and trauma that comes with long-term addiction to alcohol. Alcohol has a way of seeping into your life and breaking its hold can be incredibly challenging. Rehabilitation programs specialize in helping you break free from the need for drinks so you can reclaim your healthy, happy life.


It all starts with a detox program that is overseen by qualified medical personnel. It is normal for withdrawal symptoms to set in as the alcohol slowly leaves the blood stream. Some people will not experience any symptoms while they may be severe for others. It is impossible to know how any individual will respond to this process, so it’s important to go through the process when doctors, nurses and psychologists are available to help you work through any problems.

Symptoms that you can expect when drying out include nervousness, shaking, high levels of anxiety and irritability, fatigue, depression, bad dreams and problems thinking clearly. Other symptoms may include headache, clammy skin, tremors, loss of appetite and possibly even seizures.


Once the process of removing the alcohol has been completed, the patient is ready to get to work on the real problem. Whatever led to the addiction in the first place must be addressed, and rehabilitation programs are typically prepared to help their patients through this process, as well.

Different therapy programs are usually available including art therapy, music therapy and yoga. Learning how to deal with stress, conflict and disappointment without turning to the bottle is one of the key parts of any successful rehabilitation program.

Individual therapy is necessary to try to uncover the root cause of the addiction while group therapy is helpful for helping people understand that they are not alone. Sharing your story with others and listening to their stories allows you learn from their lives while they can also take some lessons from yours.

Family therapy is necessary to prepare you for returning to your family when rehab is completed. Sorting out the family dynamics and coming to a solid understanding of how you should function within the unit can help prepare you for the road that is waiting when you leave rehab.

Dual Diagnosis

Many addicts discover that they are not just an addict. They also learn that they are bipolar, suffering from depression or have some other psychiatric disorder. Suddenly, so many aspects of their lives and things they have done or left undone will fall into place and make sense. If you are suffering from another disorder in addition to alcoholism, it is vital to uncover what that disorder is and learn how to handle it.

Effective rehab programs will treat both problems at the same time for effective healing and true closure. One problem can not be treated while the other is ignored. Choose a rehab program that will treat both issues so you can enjoy the best possible chance of a full recovery.

Alcohol rehabilitation is not easy. It involves work and a strong commitment from you. Even if you are only entering rehab initially because your family has begged you to or the courts have mandated that you attend, it’s important that you still go through the exercises they are asking of you. Once the detox is complete, you may find that you are ready to be sober and are willing to make the commitment to work on it.

The first step, however, is to pick up the phone and call for help.