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Alcohol finds its way into many of society’s elements. In adolescence, a lot of youths consider it a ‘rite of passage’, underage drinking is also used to rebel. Once in college, the parties begin with the ever so popular jello shots and kegs of beer. Binge drinking occurs regularly at colleges all over the country. After college, alcohol remains part of many social scenes. Colleagues meet up at the neighborhood pub after work, to hang out and discuss the happenings of the day. Whenever there is a huge celebration, weddings, holidays or birthdays, alcohol is usually available and encouraged. Remember that alcohol addiction does not discriminate; it touches lawyers, doctors, nurses, successful executives, teachers, actors, musicians, etc.

Alcohol is considered acceptable in daily life; this causes many to forget it is still a very powerful drug. Unbelievably, several drinks have more impact on an average person than one Xanax or Valium. Alcohol is similar to the prescription painkillers because it will cause slurred speech, a reduction in the ability to think logically and decrease inhibitions.

An alcohol rehab facility offers a secure environment where the reasons that caused the abusive alcohol consumption can be explored. It also teaches patients the strategies and tools necessary to successfully combat the disease.

A rehab facility will address the issues that have led to the patient’s alcoholism. These issues can be from trauma, anxiety or depression. Generally an alcoholic is ‘self-medicating’ some kind of inner hostility. The abuse of the alcohol sets up a vicious cycle and none of the inner hostilities is addressed. That is why an alcohol rehab facility is necessary to combat this disease. It isn’t just about stopping the alcohol consumption; it is about finding the answer to the question, “Why”? When this question is answered, the full rehabilitation can begin.

It is estimated that 6.6 million of the children in the U.S., under the age of 18, reside with an alcoholic parent(s). As seniors in high school, 80% have consumed alcohol while 62% have been fully intoxicated.

Nearly 50,000 cases of poisoning from alcohol are reported every year. About once a week, a person expires from alcohol poisoning. Typical alcoholism will take approximately 15 yrs to develop, however it may be capable of happening very quickly in young adults and adolescents.

  • 72% of High School Seniors have consumed alcohol at least one time.
  • 58% of Sophomores have consumed alcohol at least once.
  • 39% of Eighth Grade students have consumed alcohol at least one time.

Rehab facilities vary greatly. Some are small while other facilities are extremely large. Some people would prefer a small rehab facility because there are more opportunities for individual attention. However, the smaller facility is generally more expensive than the larger facility will be. Some patients will have other medical issues that need to be addressed or maintained while in treatment. It is important to ensure that the communication path remains open between the therapists, doctors and clinicians during treatment.

The rehab facility that is chosen must meet the patient’s needs in every way. That is why hiring our rehab referral service is beneficial to those looking to find an appropriate alcohol rehab facility.