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Alcohol Detox

What is alcohol detoxification?

Alcohol detoxification, or alcohol detox as it is more commonly called, has been defined as a specific type of treatment for alcohol addiction that rids the body of the substance and its remaining residues.  Additionally, it includes the physiological and psychological readjusting that typically accompanies the detoxification process.  The definition usually refers to certain aspects of alcoholism and alcohol dependency and physiological consequences.  However, it is oftentimes used when referring to drug addiction treatment and recovery as well.

Alcohol withdrawal

When an individual and their body become dependent upon the consumption of alcohol, withdrawal is witnessed when that consumption is stopped.  The intensity and severity of the withdrawal symptoms is determined by the amount that is getting consumed on a regular basis as well as the frequency with which the consumption is occurring.  There are numerous symptoms of alcohol withdrawal including:

  • anxiety
  • auditory hallucinations
  • increased hand tremors
  • insomnia
  • nausea and vomiting
  • physical agitation
  • possible grand mal seizures
  • rapid pulse
  • sweating

Depending on the history of the person’s alcohol abuse, the emotional and physiological symptoms can be quite severe.  As a result of this, withdrawal from alcohol dependency needs to be managed using a targeted alcohol detox program.  The right detox program can significantly decrease and minimize these alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Where are alcohol detox programs found?

For the most part, alcohol detox programs are typically found in a medically monitored setting that may be an in-patient or out-patient environment.  Medical supervision and 24-hour nursing activities are characteristic of these types of programs.  Most importantly, safely helping the client through this unpleasant withdrawal process is the primary goal of any alcohol detox program.

Appropriate medications are administered along with good nutrition and lots of rest in order to accomplish that goal discussed above.  Additionally, the most effective alcohol detox programs out there are able to manage any medical conditions or problems that result from alcohol dependency.  Currently, there are hundreds of these types of programs available throughout the US which makes the selection of one extremely challenging, hence the need for an alcohol detox locator site like ours.

We can help you find the right alcohol detox program

Our locator site has been helping alcohol dependent individuals find an alcohol detox program that successfully targets their needs so that they are relieved of their dependency and the alcohol residues in their systems.  No matter what state in the US that you reside in, we can refer you to one of the most successful alcohol detox programs in the country.  If you would like more information on our locator service or the alcohol detox programs that we list, please call us at the toll-free phone number listed at the top of this page.