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Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol AddictionAddiction is the dependence of human beings on any substance. Addiction has a multiple of meanings but the word is always used in a negative sense. One of the worst types of addiction is the alcohol addiction. The terrible thing about this addiction is that people don’t realize that they are addicted. They take it as a medium of pleasure and think that they can let go the habit as and when they want.

At the beginning, when people start drinking, they consume the liquor in small quantities. They are careful not to drinks on a regular basis. As the day by, they start consuming alcohol more frequently. For example, when a person begins drinking, he takes drink once in a month or two months or even three months. Then he increases the frequency of consumption say once in a week. So you see, instead of a month, alcohol consumption is done in a weekly basis. Then the person starts taking drinks twice a week. It increases to three times and it goes on proliferating. Now the person cannot do without a daily bout of drinks. Lastly, it is seen that the person is sitting with a glass and bottle throughout the day. Now he has been made a victim of alcohol addiction.

Nowadays, thanks to the media and multimedia, all of us know that about the side effects of alcohol addiction. The worst organ is the heart. Persons who consume too much alcohol have blood pressure that results in cardiac arrest. They may also suffer from lung failure. Then, there is the risk of suffering from cirrhosis of lever. They may suffer from other problems also like nerve problems, drowsiness pain in different parts of the body especially stomach and lever and even from low self esteem.

Those who drink or have started drinking must be cautious right away. You may laugh aside when you go through this article and think it ridiculous. But if you look at the number of alcohol addicts you would be surprise. This number is escalating at an alarming speed. You will not realize when you have become a slave to alcohol addiction. Now is the time for you to evaluate your position regarding alcohol? When you read this article, don’t cast it aside. Just remember that alcohol addiction will make you a broken man physically, mentally and financially. So let’s join hands and spread the message against such addictions.